Ground Products

Pacific Calcium, Inc. operates two quarries in the north central area of Washington State.  Our Spectacle Lake Loomis quarry produces our calcium carbonate which is the base for our product Nature's Intent Calpril®.  The second quarry is located in Riverside and produces our dolomitic limestone.  Dolomite lime is the base for our Nature's Intent Dolopril®.  Seventy percent of our ground products pass a 100 mesh screen.  The calcium carbonate and dolomitic limestone are considered all natural.  The granulated products that we produce from these materials are registered with WSDA Organics as well as OMRI for organic crop production.  The ground products are available in bulk, one ton tote bags and 50 pound bags.

Orchard Special - Not available in 50 pound bags.
White Cloud Ag Lime

Dolomite Lime
White Cloud Ag Dolomite (Sand and powder consistency)
White Cloud Granular Dolomite (Sand consistency)
White Cloud Fine Dolomite (Powder or flour consistency) - Not available in 50 pound bags.

Ground Gypsum